Monday, June 18, 2012

So Thankful!!!

(This is my response to a facebook message my father sent me)
Dad, I know I have been given a gift, I tell myself that everyday. Everyday is a gift!
I'm thankful for:
The blessed day that I left and June arrived 

The day that I met Rabea at Luther hall and thought (Praise the Lord! It's a girl!)
My job at White Stuff and each and every girl (and boy) I worked with!!!
For every time I started chewing out Chris and realized "My goodness, I sound just like my mother"
For all that I have learned
Every day I realize "holy geez I'm in England"
Every trip I made to Germany where I insessently said "I really like it here!"
For Lidija and Boris and there Presence in Luther Hall and they way Boris would loudly say upon entering the kitchen "Awww... such Beautiful People!" and the way Lidija would quietly encourage me
I am thankful for Deaconess Rachel and her willingness to take time for me midst a crazy busy life as mother wife and worker
I'm thankful for Jean and his family and the reminder through him that sometimes we are blessed and sometimes we are blessed to share
For every visit I was able to make at the hospital that shaped and formed my perspective on life 
I'm thankful for every run that I am able to do in light of the visits I made at Addenbrookes
I'm really thankful for a trip to Deal that made me realize how much I love walking, and hiking
I'm thankful for the night I had my first interview for the D.R. and knew that this was what my future was going to be, and then went out to celebrate with Rabea until 2a.m. and got up early the next morning to travel to York
I'm thankful for my trip with Peter and Jeremy to Ireland 
I'm thankful for my trip to Germany with Mag, and later with Erik; which was always more than worth all the stress of getting there (hindrances include: questionable Mexican passport administered in Chicago and missed planes)
I'm thankful for every Finn joke from a certain Finn I know
I'm thankful for every nugget of knowledge given by my tutors and from Preceptor 
I'm thankful for all the girls that came through Luther Hall reminding me of how to be a lady midst the men (Blythe, Allison, Rabea, Fiona) 
I am thankful for all the allowance of personal indulgences (Justin)
I'm thankful for all the boyz that came through who appreciated me for my loving, nurturing personality, and oh yes my baking (Simeon, Israel and Mark- also my love of kittens!)
I'm thankful for the opportunity to have had so many people visit me while I was here (Deaconess Lumley, Stacey and Dan, Mom and Dad, I guess Jeremy and Peter too)
I'm so thankful for the opportunity to have met professor Rosin and to learn from him
I'm thankful for Dan G's gentle willingness to do things without complaining, and his eagerness to contribute towards social events
I'm thankful for the wonderful warm smile and greeting I received every morning, afternoon, and evening from Jonathan!!!
I'm thankful for my African friends who put life in perspective and remind me of how wasteful I can be
I'm thankful for all the skype meetings I had with my friends, (Katelyn, Nicole, Nathan & Anna & ?, Stacey and co. and the rest of my Family, John, Julia, Frankie, Lucius and June Rose) 
I'm thankful for every post card and gift (Max and George, The Shaw family, Brian and Melissa, Kristi (a.k.a. The Keller's) Grandpa and Grandma, Rachel, Dianna, all of First Lutheran Church!)
I am so thankful I was able to go up Ben Nevis and feel like an outdoors extremist
I am thankful for every Greek lesson I had that felt like it was going nowhere
I am thankful for my Writings in Luther class that was so frustrating and still is as I try to write my last paper 
I am thankful for every event this past year that has been refiners fire for me
I am thankful for every beautiful flower that reminds me that I am not in Nebraska and every country song that reminds me of Nebraska 
I am thankful for every e-mail that comes in and reminds me how there are so many from Nebraska, Iowa, and Indiana (Specifically St.John's Bingen) who are supporting me
I am thankful for every Facebook post that reminds me of the wonderful friends and family I have
I am thankful for EVERYBODY who has committed to supporting me for the next two years in the DR
Just in case there was anybody I forgot: I'm thankful for YOU (This one was added not for my dad but you all who are reading this!)
I am thankful for so much! Most of all I am thankful that God has made me thankful! I am thankful that I can look back and be thankful, and also look forward and be thankful. I couldn't do that four years ago. I am so happy to be coming home knowing that my time here has been a gift, and my time to come will be a gift until I reap the ultimate gift! So... YES DAD! Happy Father's day, and thank you for reminding me to be thankful not just for you (my father) but for everything my heavenly Father has given me this past year, and will give me in the years to come!


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  1. Very nice post, Katie. Getting mentioned twice isn't bad... I'll take it.
    That's a great picture of you in the library, by the way!